I have varied interests, so this isn’t a one-trick-pony type of blog.  It’s not a knitting blog, although there is knitting content.  It isn’t a blog about food and nutrition, although I can harp on and on about that.  It’s not a feminist blog, though I do consider myself a radical feminist.  It’s not a primitivist blog, though I have strong primitivist leanings.  It’s not a travel blog, although I do travel for work.  It’s not a personal blog, even though I am the queen of TMI.



One thought on “About

  1. I love your long comment on wearing skirts. It is sooooo nice to hear that from someone other than a religious nut. We share most of the same tastes. I could have the skirts you picture in my closet.

    I can add a few of my own (atheist) comments. I prefer a skirt to pants in any situation that lends itself. For work, nearly all my suits are a skirt suit. I love my long wool skirts in the winter time: A-line, knee length or longer, with a layered slip under it is very warm. Summer skirts and dresses are the best.

    But, I do like fitted ones and I prefer the old fashioned high waist. I hate the low riders just like you do, where you develop a groove under your gut like the guys get. I’m in my 60’s but still wear a 10 tall and flat tummy.

    And,,,although I am 5’11, I like to wear about at 2″ heel. I’M a tall Norwegian and intimidating to many guys. I like that. I love beating them at beach volley ball too. Shame on me. Yup, I still play. Good exercise. I just play in the old folks league now. Afterward, we get in our wheel chairs and head to the Bingo game.

    And, I like pantyhose. They are warm. In the inter time in the longer wool skirt, I will wear thigh tops. For work, I kind of need to have something on my legs. I’m in a professional office.

    Have you seen the youtube: Mr Diety? IT is funny. YOu will like it. I bet you know who the FSM is? dont you??

    Christine J.

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